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Interesting pictures


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Interesting Pictures
Common Defects

On this page, we show you some unusual things we have seen on inspections.


Bullet found in roof surface after New Years.






Hubcap flue top.





Two too many layers of roofing





The art of a wood destroying pest





Hot wire





Bare live wires at electric meter






Wrong outlet for Alum. wire (Note the writing on the outlet)






Disconnected water heater flue pipe







Roof leak in the right wind







Gutter farm






Melted main electrical cable covering (the bottom and top wires should be the same)



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 Did you know?

GFI outlets (the ones in kitchens, baths, garages, and the exterior) need to be "tripped" or tested every month. This will keep the mechanical components inside the outlet free to operate went they are needed. If you don't understand what type of outlet this is, think of the outlets you have seen that have red and black buttons on them. Since these outlets are intended to be in high moisture areas they are subject to freeze up and not operate properly. This could have a catastrophic impact on the safety of the occupants of the home.


Duct tape is good for pretty much everything except for ductwork sealing. Using specially designed peal and stick aluminum tape to seal ducts and the HVAC system can save typically 15-25% of your room air from escaping every time it passes through the HVAC system for conditioning.  


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